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What is Primary Recruitment like?

What is Primary Recruitment like?

 What is Primary Recruitment like?


Recruitment at Franklin & Marshall College is a 3-day process where you meet and get to know the sisters of each Panhellenic chapter on our campus! During these days, you will learn about the values, philanthropies, and more of each sorority. The three days that you will attend different sorority rounds are Sisterhood Night, Philanthropy Night, and Preference Night. The day after Preference Night is Bid Day, the best and most exciting day!! Read below to learn more about each round!


Sisterhood Night 

This is the first and most casual night of recruitment! Each PNM will meet all 5 sororities. During this round, we share our values, get to know each other,  and show you what it looks like to be a sister of Alpha Xi Delta! This includes what we do for fun, how we bond and stay connected, and the different events we host on campus. For Sisterhood Night, you will be provided with a t-shirt from Panhellenic, usually paired with cute jeans or a skirt!

Philanthropy Night

The second night of recruitment PNMs can return to up to 4 sororities! During this round the chapters will share their philanthropies and the events they do to raise money for their organization. Alpha Xi Delta’s philanthropy is Autism Speaks, an organization that helps promote understanding and acceptance of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Our chapter hosts events such as Xingo, Xiti with the Xi’s, and Special Olympics, and attend the Autism Speaks Walk in Philadelphia each year as a chapter! Philanthropy Night is a little dressier- think a casual dress, a cute skirt, and nice pants!

Preference Night 

 The third and last night of recruitment PNMs can return to up to 2 sororities! During this round, you will learn about different meaningful things important to each chapter. You will get to know our sisters on a deeper level, hear personal stories of what it means to be an Alpha Xi Delta, and we will share an important ceremony with you. On this night, you will choose which sorority you want to run home to the next day, so it can be emotional, exciting, and stressful! Preference Night is the most formal night of recruitment- PNMs usually wear a nice dress/jumpsuit and heels or wedges.


Bid Day

Bid Day is the most exciting day of the year! On Bid Day all the PNMs will gather together and open your envelope at the same time to find out which sorority you’re now a sister of! You will also learn which sororities your RCs and Panhel women belong to! Once you run home to your sorority, you will return to their room for a celebration to take pictures and get to know the sisters and your pledge class! The chapters will provide you with a shirt, so wear a tank top or something you can throw a t-shirt over. 



Tips from our Sisters! 

Be yourself!! We truly just want to get to know the real you!

Bring comfy shoes, water, and a snack! 

Your Recruitment Counselors are there to help you! It’s a stressful and overwhelming process at times, but your RCs are there for a reason!

Remember that everybody else is just as nervous as you are- even the chapters! Take a deep breath, you can do this!!